Inaugural RECX Awards recognise real estate industry's best in customer experience

The notion of customer experience has become an integral part of our society. Every customer now expects an exceptional experience, and no company can escape the pressure to become more customer-focused. The property sector has also become increasingly focused on providing excellent support to homebuyers throughout the entire construction process. 

More and more developers and their customer support teams are working hard to ensure that buyers are well-informed and reassured about the progress of their purchase. 

The Real Estate Customer Experience Awards recognised these efforts for the first time this year, providing a fun and exciting opportunity to celebrate the industry's best.

Creating a sense of home

The team at Ziggu initiated the RECX awards because they noticed that among all the awards in the property industry, a lot focus on the end result, but not many on the process or the relationship with the customer.

Vincent Van Impe, co-founder of Ziggu explains: "In the past, property developers may have had somewhat of a negative reputation when it comes to customer focus. But in the past few years, they have been making great strides and are working hard to give customers a sense of home even before the walls of the house are built. We believe this work deserves recognition, and we are happy to contribute to that through these awards."

Recognition for pioneers

Based on their commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation and creativity, and customer-centric approach our jury made a shortlist of 20 developers, 20 industry partners, and 30 professionals.

The Belgian listed company Immobel, which dates back to 1863, was celebrated as the developer of the year for their proactive approach to customer service. 

Woodstoxx - one of the largest players in the field of wooden construction in Flanders - received the award for partner of the year.

The individual award for professional of the year went to Ellen De Clercq, head of customer advisory at ION.

The awards are a recognition of the winners' exceptional efforts in customer support, but also a way for them to stand out from the competition and show homebuyers that they take customer care seriously. 

December 8, 2022
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