Buying a home should come with the best possible experience

At Ziggu we strongly believe that the biggest purchase of your lifetime, your home, should come with an engaging customer journey. We help property developers and homebuilders deliver those top-notch customer experiences by boosting their own efficiency.

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L'équipe Ziggu

Vincent Van Impe
CCO & Co-founder
Kimberly Van Lierde
Customer Success Manager
Tijl Speetjens
Senior Sales Executive
Pieter Gistelinck
CPO & Co-founder
Yannick Bontinckx
CEO & Co-founder
Loeke Clynen
Sales Associate
Stijn Scrayen
Marketing Manager
Mihail Panayotov
Full Stack Engineer
David De Winter
CTO & Co-founder
Chloé Boone
HR & Office Manager
Maarten Parmentier
Full Stack Engineer
Laura Van den Bossche
Customer Success Manager

The Ziggu Way

We take great pride in our company culture and how we work together as a team. In The Ziggu Way, we wrote down the key principles that guide us.

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"I have a front-row seat to entrepreneurship; everything goes so fast, you have to think on your feet, but that’s where I thrive"

Laura Van den Bossche
Customer Success Manager
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