Belgian scale-up Ziggu growing rapidly

Belgian scale-up Ziggu growing rapidly

1 million euro capital increase supporting further internationalisation of software platform for real estate sector

Belgian PropTech company Ziggu has raised an investment of 1 million euro. The startup wants to focus both on expanding their customer engagement platform for the real estate sector as well as taking the next steps towards further internationalisation. With the platform, Ziggu responds to the need of a more interactive customer followup within the sector. The investment round is led by Torus Capital along with PMV.

Ziggu’s platform builds a bridge between real estate developers, their construction partners and homebuyers, by allowing them to communicate with each other and effectively exchange information through the centralized platform. Because of this, homebuyers can stay up to date about the building process at a distance, for which there was a strong need, in particular even more so in the past few months, according to co-founder Yannick Bontinckx.

“Based on our own research, we found that homebuyers often feel out of touch during the building process.”, Bontinckx says. “Customers nowadays expect a great online experience, like they are used to from other brands in their daily life. With Ziggu, we ensure that they have a good view on the development of their future house, from beginning to end.”

Real estate developers and construction companies themselves can work very effectively with Ziggu for their communication and administration. Furthermore, via the platform they can take their customers along a customer journey and by doing so meet their growing expectations. A part of the investment will allow Ziggu to keep focussing on expanding their platform. “The founders of Ziggu have a long term vision for digitization within the real estate sector. With their software platform, they simultaneously alleviate the frustrations of homebuyers as well as provide a significant efficiency gain for the real estate developer”, says Jochen Boeykens, managing partner of Torus Capital.

Two years after launching, Ziggu has already become an established name in Belgium: about 20% of all newly built residential housing is already managed via Ziggu’s platform. The opportunities abroad are also clear: with the investment Ziggu wants to more strongly focus on the European market as a whole, but it doesn’t rule out countries outside of Europe either. “We quickly heard from our international customers that they also face similar challenges. Therefore, we are convinced that with Ziggu we can also become the standard platform in these local real estate markets”, says Bontinckx.

Founders Ziggu
Founders Ziggu (2017): Pieter, David, Yannick & Vincent
4 décembre 2020
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