Reconnecting with homebuyers through innovation

Gabriel Uzgen
"De nouveaux critères, tels que la durabilité, les services et expériences innovants, sont devenus aussi importants que l'emplacement."

BESIX RED, an innovator and pioneer

Gabriel: Innovation, especially open innovation, has become a strategic topic.

At BESIX RED, we have clearly understood this stake and put our words into actions. The creation of the BESIX RED’s Innovation Board, our strategic partnership with Ziggu, or more recently BESIX RED’s entry into the equity of PropChain are some examples among others.

By designating innovation as one of our key values, we demonstrate our ambition to continue to increase our competitiveness.  But for us, it is not just about this.

We are not talking about innovation for the sake of being trendy. Our approach is to propose unique and innovative additional services to our clients that enable us to go further in meeting their ever-evolving needs. To do so, we continuously seek for new innovative opportunities.

Customer needs are changing

Gabriel: At BESIX RED, the clients are in the centre of our reflexion. Whenever we conceive our real estate programs, we think about our clients. We want to offer them more than a building but a real living/working experience. To do so, you must understand and anticipate the needs and expectations of the future occupants.  

Today, these needs are changing a lot! Due to the emergence of new technologies, of course: we are facing new ways of “living” and concepts – such as sharing economy (“Uberisation”) – that reshape the function of tomorrow’s residential, office and retail projects (micro-habits, co-living, co-working, …).

But, there are other factors too, such as: densification of urban areas, environmental awareness, desire for a better life balance… On top of that, a new client profile has emerged : the Millennials.

Ziggu Customer Portal – Project Oxygen (Besix RED)
Ziggu Customer Portal – Project Oxygen (Besix RED)

Gabriel: When it comes to selecting a place (to live, work or even shop), new criteria  – such as sustainability, innovative services and experiences – have become as  important as a location.

At BESIX RED, we try to challenge ourselves and to understand the urban environment in which we will develop our programs. At the end, our client-centricity approach  guarantees us that any concept we will conceive will answer to the real needs of our clients.

Technology & customer-centricity

Gabriel: Paradoxically, new technologies have also led to a more impersonal communication. In today’s virtual world, behind our smartphone, screen and computer, … we tend to lose the physical human contact.

Technology should first help to re-build/reconnect this link between the client and us; and facilitate the communication process with them.

BesixRed inlog platform

“Ziggu enables us to offer a great customer-experience to our clients, by helping us better manage and inform them in real time, during and after the purchase process until the delivery phase.”

Why Ziggu?

Gabriel: Ziggu fully fulfils this objective. The digital platform enables us to offer a great customer-experience to our clients, by helping us better manage and inform them in real time, during and after the purchase process until the delivery phase. Without replacing the human contact, this additional service enables us to get closer to our clients and to better answer  their questions. At the same time, we are reinforcing our brand image and creating brand ambassadors.

The partnership we have established with Ziggu should be more described as an open collaboration in which BESIX RED offers its expertise and knowledge in real estate; thanks to its strong position in Belgium and Luxembourg and the European dimension of its activities.

The idea is to make Ziggu continuously evolve and improve through our knowhow but also through our clients’ feedbacks.

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